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There are many ways to insure both your contacts and your eyes are healthy, safe and protected when and when not wearing your contact lenses. Here are five quick and easy tips to insure you both you and your lenses are in the best condition!

1. Never put a contact in your mouth to rinse it.

It seems like a simple concept, however you would be surprised how many people think this is a quick easy solution to clean off and apply. You should always use a disinfecting solution and saline to properly insure the contacts are ready for your day.

2. Wear sunglasses with UV protection.

For the average eyes its always best to be properly protected from the sun. With contacts can make your eyes more light sensitive and more susceptible to dryness. Best to keep your pair of sunglasses and a wide-brim hat handy on the beach.

3. Don’t swim with your contacts in.

Chlorine has never been a friend to the eyes. Goggles help but still do not guarantee your protection against infection

4. Hairspray first, makeup after.

Insure you have the proper getting ready routine that will protect your lenses. Apply any hairspray, perfumes or sprays first, so there is no contact with the lenses. After your lenses are in, then you can carefully apply any makeup you wish.

5. Don’t ignore the unusual.

Don’t think just because you have lenses in you should feel constant excessive dryness, blurred vision, headaches, eye pain or light flashes. Visit your optometrist immediately and get that professional opinion.


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