Evaluating Your Frames

The frames you pick help define your face and personality for the world to see! We look forward to offering our patients with multiple options for frames, with a wide range to ensure it fits.


Finding the right frames for your face shape can be a difficult matter. How do you find something stylish, functional, chic but also flattering? Everyone has a different type of face, facial features and hairstyles, so finding a flattering pair of frames can be a challenging at times. Who doesn’t want to make a great first impression?


The best way of determining the best type of frames for your face is to determine what shape it is. There are generally 4 different face types


A round face rarely has an angles or sharp edges; a curved line in the same proportions in width and length are the most prominent feature.


Selecting round frames for your already round features often does not present a pleasing look. Therefore, selecting frames that are angular, with sharp angles (i.e. rectangular) will help to balance out your soft features with contrasting frames. Also, opt for frames that aren’t very wide as individuals with round faces often have wider faces, accentuated with larger cheeks.


Many consider the oval face to be ideal. The defining characteristic of this face, aside from being oval shaped, is the balanced aspect of features. Oval faces are longer than wide, featuring a chin slightly narrower than the forehead.


Individuals with oval faces are considered lucky as just about any types of frame will work. As oval shaped faces are a mix of the round and square types, you can have access to the full spectrum of frame types and not worry about how they’ll look.


A square face has strong features, namely a strong jaw line and a prominent, broad forehead. Athletes and larger boned people tend to feature a square face. There are several varieties of the square face, namely the oblong (which is a face that is longer than wide, while usually featuring a slightly longer nose) and the diamond-shaped face (which features narrow central features such as the eyes and nose, but having high cheekbones that are often prominent).


Look for oval and round frames of any type. As square faces generally poses strong features, you don’t need square frames to accentuate your natural looks. Choosing frames that don’t have strong or hard angles help to slightly soften or present your facial features.


Also known as the inverted triangle, the heart shape tends to be a little longer than wide, with a forehead that is a bit wider than the other face types, with a narrow jaw line.


Frames To Consider: As your face features wider areas, try to avoid frames that are wide. Avoid frames that are larger or circular, especially ones that sweep upwards.

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