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With the month of May being Vision Health Month in Canada, we are encouraging all of our patients to make an appointment for their comprehensive eye exam today and re-evaluate their vision health! Receiving a regular eye exam is essential to an individuals overall health and can aid in the detection of potential life threatening health conditions like high blood pressure, brain tumors and diabetes.


Vision Health Month is a national awareness campaign that is designed to educate and inform Canadians on their vision health. It is not only about annual eye examinations but also about your daily lifestyle. Eating healthy, exercising daily and wearing the correct eye protection are additional steps in maintaining optimal vision health and eliminating avoidable sight loss.


A recent report from CNIB shows that although Canadians have acknowledged the steps for healthier vision, their actions do not follow.

  • 92% of Canadians think eye exams are important for maintaining overall health, but half of Canadians only get their eyes checked every few years.
  • Only 53% of Canadians believe that excess weight increases the risk of eye disease.
  • 25% of Canadians think smoking doesn’t make an impact on their vision health, although it is a large risk factor for eye disease.
  • 82% of Canadians say they teach their children about the importance of regular eye exams, but 15% can’t remember when their child’s last eye exam was.
  • 43% of Canadians believe they’ll sustain an eye injury during their lives, yet just 20% of Canadians reduce that risk by consistently wearing proper eye protection while playing sports.
  • 58% of Canadians believe they may develop an eye disease in their lifetime, but 40% haven’t heard of AMD, which is the number-one cause of vision loss in Canada, affecting more than 1.4 million Canadians.
  • A third of Canadians know someone with vision loss, but 58% say they’d feel excluded from the lives of their family and friends if they lost their vision themselves, and a mere 31% wouldn’t feel safe leaving the house unaccompanied.


The next step is not only to inform your self on all things eye health, but to take action.

What you can do:

  • Stay on top of your annual eye exam and understand the difference between vision screening and a full eye exam.
  • Include some ‘eye-healthy’ recipes into your diet. A great recipe to try is a delicious, nutrient packed green smoothie.
    Green vegetables, such as spinach, kale, broccoli and collard greens contain carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin, natural pigments that promote vision and the health of the retina.
  • Understand how to protect your eyes in daily situations.

Remember your eyes are the windows to your health. Book your appointment with Dr. D’Orio & Associates Eye Care online now, or give us a call!



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