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It is bound to happen to all contact wearers at some point, but here are a few tips to make the removal of a stuck lens a little easier.


First things first, lose the fear of a contact getting stuck behind your eye, because it is impossible for this to happen. The conjunctiva in which the soft contact lens sits upon is the inner lining of the eyelid. On the back of the eyelid the conjunctiva folds back and becomes the outer covering of the white section of your eyeball. Since the conjunctiva has a continuous nature from the eyelid to the eyeball, it makes it nearly impossible for a contact lens to slip behind it.


Take a deep breath and take your time during extraction. If you try to rush, you will find yourself becoming very frustrated, and may cause more harm.


Occasionally you might bump or rub your eye when wearing soft contacts. This can cause the lens to fold in half or dislodge itself from the cornea, leading to the lens disappearing under the upper eyelid. This may cause a feeling of what optometrist call “foreign body sensation” or the sensation that there is something in your eye.

When this occurs, it is handy to have contact solution on hand. Apply a few drops of solution into your eye and massage the eyelid gently. Eventually this will move the lens to a position where you can see and remove it. Take your time as it may take a few tries to move the lens loose.

Quick Tip: Keeping a travel size contact solution in your purse or car may just be your saving grace when you find you are having trouble with your contact lenses.


If you are continuing to have an issue with locating the lost contact lens, and the above method was unsuccessful, try to gently turn your upper eyelid inside out.

This method can be done by placing a Q-Tip horizontally across your outside eyelid. While looking down pull your eyelid down by gently grabbing your eyelashes. Quickly evert (turn inside out) by holding it over the Q-Tip. Tilt you head back, and continue to look down, you should be able to see the folded contact lens. Gently move the lens with your eyelid until it moves back onto your eyeball for you to remove safely.


Sometimes all the tips and tricks in the world may not work. At this point, if you cannot remove the contact lens from your eye, ask for someone to help you or call your eye doctor for some assistance.

If you find that it is exceptionally hard for you to remove your contacts on a regular basis, consult your optometrist about contact lens removal tools. These tools are usually soft tipped tweezers, or small suction cup apparatuses designed to make the process easier.

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